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Just some of the usual stuff. If you have other questions in mind, please don’t hesitate to ask

I only booked 6 hours and my schedule of activities during the wedding day was behind. Can I extend my booking?

Absolutely! Provided that you are willing to pay overtime fees as stated on the service agreement which is to be paid within a 14 day period. Overtime rates will be charged once you exceed the contract time by 15 minutes.

Do you allow splitting the booking hours? For example, we’ll ask you to film us from 2PM-3PM and then just come back for reception from 6PM to 10PM?

Unfortunately, we do not offer split time bookings. Our packages come in block or continuous hours that would usually include following you on location shoots and capturing some behind-the-scenes.

Can I choose the song for my wedding highlights video?

There’s no hard rule on this, but we highly recommend that you leave this up to us. By the time that you’ve booked, you’ve probably gone through our portfolio a couple of times and by now you already have a better feel of the genre, type of music we use. We only use licensed music in support of the artists whose songs we use. Music selection is normally done after the occasion based on the vibe of the wedding. It’s a bit difficult to explain the process but just trust us, we know what we’re doing.

We are doing personal vows, can we include that in the highlights?

We have a wireless lapel mic system that we can attach on the groom’s suit, tie or what not; it’s good enough to capture even the bride’s voice.

Are the raw footage included in the package?

No, however, we offer this at an additional cost.

What do you mean by “raw unedited footage”?

It’s the footage that comes straight from the camera. It’s not a straight continuous video clip. It can be a little shaky, pale, too bright, too dark… Depending on the scenario. We select clips that will be used for the highlights video and these are all fixed, balanced or stabilised during post-production (video editing). In other words, it’s not something you would want to watch as a standalone video, it’s merely there for archiving purposes and probably something you can use on your 10th year or so wedding anniversary.

There are some inclusions in the package that we don’t want, can I replace it with something else?

Replace? Sadly, no. Remove? It’s up to you, but the price will still be the same. Add? Yes, we can talk about that. If you’re not happy with any of the packages we offer, we can always customise one for you based on our standard rates. But take note that the wedding video packages were specifically designed to give you the best value for our services.

Are your packages expensive?

A little bit… but  ask around, it’ll be worth it!

I got in touch with you guys a few months ago. I received a quote from you and was wondering if these rates and packages are still valid? Can you still honour the same rates?

We clearly indicate the validity period of each quote we send out. If that quote was sent months ago, most likely we have already done a package price restructure. Get in touch and we can send you our updated rates and packages for you to consider.

Can you hold a date for us while we are deciding?

We can take note of your preferred date, but there will be no guarantees. Bookings and requested dates will only be confirmed upon receipt of both initial booking fee and signed service agreement. In the absence of the contract, even if deposit has been made, the requested date will still be open for other enquiries.

When do we get our video?

We will deliver the wedding highlights video in 45 days.

Up to what level of involvement can I have in the editing process? Can I select the clips to be included in the final edit?

By the time you have gotten in touch with us, we would assume that you have watched a couple of our videos — and liked them. That said, we hope you understand that we need creative freedom in working on your video to make sure that results turn out to be awesome, as that’s what you are paying for. Nevertheless, we are always open to suggestions and will consider them.

Can you attend our rehearsal?

Possibly… depending on timing and location. As long as you give us a clear direction or a well-planned schedule of activities, we should be alright.

Do we need to feed you?

Not really… But we hope so! Just imagine how food will bring our work a notch higher (By the way, Jordan is vegetarian)

Are you based in Canberra?

No. We started our business in Canberra in 2014 and recently moved to the Sunshine Coast in late 2020. However, we still travel to Canberra for weddings and will continue to take in interstate bookings.

We would like to go ahead and book Say Hello to Forever, what’s the next step?

Once you say YES, we will send you our Client Booking Form and draft a service contract. We will also require a non-refundable 50% booking fee to secure the date. Signed service contract + paid booking fee = confirmed booking. Bookings and requested dates will only be confirmed upon receipt of both the booking fee and signed service contract. In the absence of the contract, even if the booking fee has been paid, the requested date will be open for other enquiries.

We changed our minds and we don’t need a videographer anymore. Can I get a refund?

As stated in the service contract, the 50% booking fee is non-refundable. Whatever you have paid beyond the 50% will be refunded to you.

OMG this is amazing! I can’t stop watching our video. How can we thank you for this?

The fact that we made you laugh, smile or cry watching your wedding video is more than enough. But of course, a good review will be greatly appreciated. It does not only apply to the groom, but to our business as well that “happy wife, happy life”.

Do you have any client testimonials you can share with us?

Please click here to see what our clients have to say about us. 

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