a little bit about us

Say Hello to Forever is a Canberra-based wedding videography team that offers all kinds of videography services, specialising in weddings and events within the ACT and NSW regions.


We are the duo behind Say Hello to Forever. In an industry full of highly scripted scenes, we like to document events as they happen and capture moments that often others miss. 

At the brink of buying a one way ticket back to Manila due to being jobless for several months, Karlo took on Gumtree, offering his services as a videographer — be it birthday parties, christenings, weddings and funerals. Little did he know that this little self-taught and bill-paying hobby of his would turn into a passion for the art of visual storytelling. 

While Karlo is sitting in front of a computer, Jordan is training to be a “dogtor’s” assistant. She is also the hopeless romantic of the two — always the one crying behind the camera during marriage vows or speeches. If she isn’t busy spending time with her two Westies or tending for a sick animal, you will find her strategically moving herself (thanks to her advanced Yoga skills) to get around the bridal party as they get ready for the big day.

why choose us

We are awesome
at what we do

We love what we do… and we think we’re good at it too! We don’t have the latest top-of-the-line equipment (we wish we did!) and pricey rates that most of the other wedding videographers have, but we can definitely create something that’ll make you remember us for the rest of your lives.

We are fun humans
who are in love with love

We are romantics in love with love! We are head over heels for each other and love seeing people on the same boat as us. We are easy to get along with and have no qualms about getting down and dirty on our knees to get the job done. We try our best to be unobtrusive in taking shots to ensure that we capture our clients in their true element.

We offer
competitive prices

We see things differently and take pride and ownership in our work. That said, we promise you the best value for your money by giving you packages that will perfectly suit individual taste and budget. Just because we charge less than most of our competitors does not mean we can’t do sh*t like they do.

Behind SAY HELLO TO FOREVER are fun, awesome and creative visual storytellers who are passionate about filmmaking, and simply in-love with love.

Every story is different and, SAY HELLO TO FOREVER will highlight each couple’s own unique love story. We preserve these life-changing moments that will bring joy to you and your loved ones. From vows to behind the scenes, we will showcase the most precious events of your life in a professionally crafted video. We will also capture moments as they occur naturally on your wedding day so that you can relive those happy moments over and over again.

With our flair for creativity, one-of-a-kind perspectives, and love for love, SAY HELLO TO FOREVER promises to make your big day one for the books.

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