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SAY HELLO TO FOREVER is a Canberra-based wedding videography business that offers all kinds of videography services, specialising in weddings and events within the ACT and NSW regions.

We are fun, awesome and creative visual storytellers who are passionate about filmmaking, and simply in-love with love. Every story is different and, SAY HELLO TO FOREVER will highlight each couple’s own unique love story. We preserve these life-changing moments that will bring joy to you and your loved ones.

From vows to behind the scenes, we will showcase the most precious events of your life in a professionally crafted video. We will also capture moments as they occur naturally on your wedding day so that you can relive those happy moments over and over again. With our flair for creativity, one-of-a-kind perspectives, and love for love, SAY HELLO TO FOREVER promises to make your big day one for the books.

Karlo is the man behind Say Hello To Forever. He does filming, post-production, logistics, sales and marketing… pretty much everything. Karlo started playing with the camera in 2006. With no formal training whatsoever, his skills were acquired through self-taught methods and hands-on experience. Inspired by several indie cinematographers, plus his flair for creativity, Karlo developed his unique filming & editing style.

Jordan was the muse in most of Karlo’s initial videos, and later on became his side-kick behind the scenes of his current projects. Being in front of the camera and around her videographer husband made it easy for her to learn the foundations of videography. She also has a good eye in photography, complementing her creativity in the way she shoots videos.


Why we should be there on your BIG day

We are awesome at what we do

We love what we do... and we think we're good at it too! We don’t have the high-end equipment and pricey rates that most of the other wedding videographers have, but we can definitely create something that’ll make you remember us for the rest of your lives.

We are fun humans who are in-love with love

We are romantics in love with love! We are head over heels for each other and love seeing people on the same boat as us. We are easy to get along with and have no qualms about getting down and dirty on our knees to get the job done. We try our best to be unobtrusive in taking shots to ensure that we capture our clients in their true element.

We offer competitive rates

With Say Hello to Forever, you do not just get what you pay for. We see things differently and take pride and ownership in our work. That said, we promise you the best value for your money by giving you customised packages that will perfectly suit individual taste and budget. Just because we charge less than most of our competitors does not mean we can't do sh*t like they do.

Wedding videos


Time flies when you are in love. We think Kate and Keith is proof to that. Their wedding was nothing short of whimsical --- it actually felt like one pulled out of a modern-day fairy tale. But then again, it is real life. So here is something to warm up your cold winter days.


BEST. DAY. EVER. Said every maid of honour, and it's true! I get it now; when two of your favourite people get together and decide to get married, nothing can go wrong. The day went perfectly well, and "work" didn't feel like work at all.... or maybe because I left the husband to that?! But allow me to introduce my sister and the new addition to my family....


Eight years may seem like a long time for a lot of us, but to Jessica and Richard, it was just the beginning. It's easy to think that cultural differences can be a hindrance to many things but this union of two families is sure to prove you wrong. Love is love, that's all it is. So on that cool and breezy day in March, there was no stopping Jess, Richard and their families & friends from having the party of their lives.


You can't fake chemistry, so when it's there, you just know --- like with Dimitri and Melissa. There was no hiding their love for each other, but when Melissa walked down the aisle in her stunning wedding dress, Dimitri looked 10 times more in love with his bride it made us giddy inside. It was such a fun day that carried on through the night. People cried, kids played, everybody danced and shared the love Melissa and Dimitri had for one another.


"Ridiculously happy and in love" is a little short of describing this couple who shared many laughs with their closest family and friends. From housemates to best friends to a couple and now, husband and wife. Life can only get better for Pam and Tim.


Martin and Joanne's wedding is what we'd like to call a "little big wedding". Little because it was intimate and attended by their closest family and friends, and BIG because the events that transpired proved to be as awesome as intimate.


Love is the kind of experience most people wait lifetimes for. Lucky for Emily and Adam they didn't have to wait that long. In the words of Tess (Bridesmaid), "These two offer the kind of understanding, kindness and generosity to each other that, we all hope to find in a partner one day."


Life is strange. Life is wonderful, and life somehow has its way of working things out. In Rosalba and Dennis' case, it was in ways that both of them didn't expect --- in many good ways of course. Celebrated by people close to their heart, their big day turned out to be nothing less than joyful and lovely.


Valentines may be over, but for Say Hello to Forever, the season of love is all year round!
Annabel and Kerin's wedding was no exception --- from best friends graduating to married couple about to start the next chapter of their lives. These two make 9 and a half years of togetherness look easy as pie!
It was such a privilege being part of Annabel and Kerin's wedding that we just can't wait to share this with you. So get smitten watching this video.


It's hard to put to words how much fun we had on Grace and Alex's big day. It was the kind of union that makes you giddy inside with all the good vibes and pretty details. They were a match made in heaven and their families and friends approve of that!


Here is the thing about love: it is hard to put into words. It brings up emotions that run the gamut from agony to ecstasy, and can inspire us to accomplish some of the craziest and seemingly impossible feats. And that we think is what makes Sam and Beau's wedding so beautiful --- the spectacle of pure love conquering all, including bad weather.


Bring out those handkerchiefs and tissues, ladies and gentlemen; this is the kind of love story that will make your hearts flutter. And while we know that everybody can fall in love, we know that it takes a special kind of person to make that love last --- and here’s Emily and Matt as proof. A simple yet dreamy wedding made grand by the outpour of love from their loved ones and friends.


If we were to sum up Ash and Matt's wedding in a few words, we'd say "Adventurous, bold and chic!" The scenic view of the countryside, fast cars, quad bikes, (and did we mention the truck?) dapper groomsmen and elegantly dressed bridesmaids is a combination that is quite hard to imagine and pull off. But they definitely nailed it! And if you still can't picture how everything played out, just watch the video and let it do the talking.


Richard and Connie proved that winter weddings can be the coolest --- and no amount of rain or drop in temperature could stop them from having fun! Surrounded with children and hundreds of family and friends this mix up of a traditional Italian wedding with a dash of funk, left us with no time for any dull moment.


High school sweethearts and going strong. This, we think, is what sums up Lily and Garth's love story. It's difficult not to envy them even a tinge knowing that they didn't have to look far or waste years and years to find their true love.


Love was all around that fine spring day at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church. The love of friends, loved ones, and of course Kathleen and Walter's love for each other.
Not sure about you, but we think that love surely is the closest thing there is to magic!


The clouds exhausted itself of rain the days leading up to Ellen and Mitchell's wedding, just stopping in time for THE day. The couple and the bridal party were slightly wind blown, but it was perfect nonetheless! Surrounded with the best of friends and family, bonded with lots of fun and laughter --- nothing could go wrong.


Somewhere between the laughs, all-nighter talks, stupid fights, and lame jokes... we fall in love. And once that bug bites, we know that it can only get worse. But again, nothing beats marrying your best friend --- you know each other in and out, you get to share an adventure called "life" and when it gets tough, you have each other's backs.


In the words of Shiara, "There is one universe, eight planets, 204 countries, seven seas and six billion people." What are the chances that a Sri Lankan girl brought up in Canberra would fall in love with a Bulgarian boy living in Vienna? Cynics say that fate is a folly, but with this one of a kind love story, one can't help believe that their fate was predetermined.


There is no “I” in team. Sounds so cliche, but it definitely seems to have worked many times with Andrew and Emelia. The wedding was colour overload, and we loved it! You can’t fake chemistry, and it is clear that Emelia and Andrew has it! Not to mention, their families, too.


Judging from experience, there is nothing like marrying your best friend. Not to be taken out of context though; find the strongest and happiest friendship in the person you fall in love with, that way you marry your best friend. Kelly and Brad’s union can’t be any more perfect, despite of the minor hurdles earlier that day. The people who mattered traveled the distance to be with the couple and the room just overflowed with love and laughter all night long!


The day could not be any more perfect for this union of three. Yes, three; the blushing bride Sarah, the looking sharp groom Duncan, and of course the handsome little man Angus. Marriage is inclusion. It's about leaning on your partner when things get complicated, and by the looks of it, Sarah and Duncan are here to overcome challenges through better or worse.


When two fully independent people meet and fall in love, it's hard to disregard the thought that it must've been meant to be. As they say, fate does not care about your plans, and when the love bug bites, there's not much that you can do about it.


This wedding video will sure make every hopeless romantic swoon over and over. It won't be long for you to realise that Beth and Evangelo make a perfect match! From the preparations, the couple's first dance to the guest letting loose and dancing the night away, this celebration of love was brimming with romance from start to finish.


Jo and Brad’s wedding is proof that love transcends time and race. Family flew as far as the Philippines, U.S. and different parts of Australia to witness this jewel of an occasion with the bride and groom looking dashing and fleek. It was the perfect wedding to cap off 2015!


Those three words, LIVE, LAUGH and LOVE, have so much meaning in them. But if these words are to be lived in a day, they would perfectly sum up Liam and Maddie's wedding. While we know that marriage is not all sunshine, we second that Liam and Maddie are sure to share one umbrella to survive the storms. Kudos to #mooandpumpkin! You nailed it!


Dan and Anamari left it up to Mother Nature to set the backdrop for their wedding day and she did not disappoint. Toes buried in sand, hair blown by the sea breeze, an affair graced just by close friends and family. You gotta be kidding if Dan and Anamari's wedding does not leave you smitten like a kitten!


It was a perfect summer day spent with the couple’s most intimate relatives and friends — not to the mention that it was one of those rare occasions wherein the blushing bride’s family was complete! After a decade of being together, there is no doubt that Julia and Michael have stood the test of time making their big day worth all the wait. And even after 10 years, the couple seem to have kept their love alive as Michael couldn’t take his eyes of his bride walking down the aisle.


It was a perfect summer day spent with the couple’s most intimate relatives and friends — not to the mention that it was one of those rare occasions wherein the blushing bride’s family was complete! After a decade of being together, there is no doubt that Julia and Michael have stood the test of time making their big day worth all the wait. And even after 10 years, the couple seem to have kept their love alive as Michael couldn’t take his eyes of his bride walking down the aisle.

Not yet convinced?

See what these awesome people have to say about us
Chiara Rattenbury
Chiara Rattenbury
Karlo and Jordan did an amazing job! They made us feel comfortable and we enjoyed having them with us on our special day!!
Katrina Zaldivar
Katrina Zaldivar
Karlo and Jordan were such a joy to work with. They made the whole experience easy, enjoyable, and fun! They successfully captured the emotion and essence of the wedding without having anything staged. They were very professional and did more than what was asked of them. We loved our video and would definitely recommend them to everyone �
Giovanna Maria
Giovanna Maria
Joanne Antoun
Joanne Antoun
Karlo and Jordan are both two of the most genuine, nicest and exceptionally talented people you are likely to meet. From beginning to end the experience with them was second to none. Whilst they were there capturing every moment they somehow managed to make themselves invisible which allowed them to capture real and raw emotion. We absolutely love the video they have compiled for us and highly recommend them and their service. They are an exceptional team who selflessly give so much more than you expect. Karlo and Jordan, Martin and I are for ever grateful for you and the memories you have given us.
Dimitri Yianoulakis
Dimitri Yianoulakis
What a fantastic team, had the pleasure of working with Karlo & Jordan on a recent wedding and was very impressed with their professionalism and talent. Highly recommended and can't wait for the next wedding. �
Kayla McNaught
Kayla McNaught
Karlo & Jordan were absolutely amazing through the whole process! Totally in love with my video. Thank you so much.
Digna Popat
Digna Popat
Samantha Babic
Samantha Babic
Karlo and his wife Jordan are amazingly talented and such a lovely couple to top it off. Our video exceeded all our expectations, it's so perfect. We searched high and low for a videographer and I am so so so glad we found the say hello to forever team. The weather on our wedding day was less than ideal but that if didn't stop them capturing so many amazing moments. Karlo goes above and beyond to make sure he captures your special day just right, he came to our rehearsal and even to one of our dance lessons. We can't recommend Karlo enough. Look no further you have found your videographer. ☺️
Duncan McNeill
Duncan McNeill
Karlo and Jordan – finding you to video our wedding was an absolute highlight, of not only our day, but the daunting planning process. You were so organised and easy to deal with; we had complete confidence in your advice and suggestions. Your unobtrusive presence on the day made us feel a lot less ‘camera shy’, and despite our nerves, you made us feel completely relaxed. The final product is so brilliant, touching and perfect that we cannot even express in words how much we love it. You captured the absolute essence of us, the love and the laughter - this video is a gift that we will treasure forever. You put so much care and thought into what you do, we would highly recommended you to anyone looking for a videographer to create a video that is unique, personal and fun. Thank you.
Brad Hughes
Brad Hughes
Love your work!!! I will always recommend you to everyone.. Could not be more impressed with your work... Thank you once again.
Kelly Hughes
Kelly Hughes
AMAZING! Karlo and Jordan do the best work! From initial consultation and planning, to not even knowing that they are there on the day, to the amazing finished product I could not recommend them enough! If you are after someone to capture those amazing moments and put them into a heartfelt keepsake, these guys are the people to choose! Thank you!
Annalisa Gautusa
Annalisa Gautusa
Beautiful work and very professional, awesome stuff Karlo 😉
Beth Pentes
Beth Pentes
I love everything about our final product. I can not thank you enough Karlo. You have captured the best memories for us so beautifully. Thank you for being so understanding of what we wanted, so easy to talk to and get along with (so important to me on such an important day) and most importantly for all your hard work...after the wedding (when the real hard work stared)! You will always be highly recommended by me.
Zahra Rahmati
Zahra Rahmati
Jo Tarnawsky
Jo Tarnawsky
Karlo and Jordyn are such talented, visual storytellers. I wasn't sure about getting a video of our wedding done - it seemed like an optional extra, a bit of a luxury, when wedding costs were already mounting up. But in hindsight, I am sooooo glad we did this. Not only is it a great memento of our special day, it helped our friends and family far away 'experience' the day with us. Both Karlo and Jordyn were so lovely to work with too - great people to have around on your special day. They were not intrusive at all. They captured the big and the small moments, and somehow got it down to a 5 minute video! They clearly love what they do and it shows in their work. Karlo has defied all my preconceptions about what a 'wedding video' is. They are short, watchable, enjoyable clips which you will want to watch over and over again. If you are a bit undecided about whether to take the plunge and get a wedding video with Karlo done, my advice? Just do it! You won't regret it!
Dan Mary Herlihy
Dan Mary Herlihy
The most awesome talented videographer I have ever seen in my life , still can't get enough of our wedding video or my birthday video , such an amazing artist. Highly recommended to everyone.
Yasmine Almomani Arwani
Yasmine Almomani Arwani
I honestly cannot thank you and Jordan enough for your outstanding work; your professionalism and talent was far beyond expected. Both my husband and family adored the video and we can't stop playing it ! Keep up the great work and hopefully we'll be seeing you in the future 🙂
Jace Tan
Jace Tan
Karlo is a talented designer and videographer. If you are planning to have a wedding out of Singapore, in Australia, he's the person you should look for!
Camille C Castillo
Camille C Castillo

Frequently asked questions

I got in touch with you guys a few months ago. I received a quote from you and was wondering if these rates and packages are still valid? Can you still honour the same rates?

No. We clearly indicate the validity period of each quote we send out. If that quote was sent months ago, most likely we have already done a package price restructure. The most we can do is send you our updated rates and packages for you to consider.

I only booked for 6 hours and we are running behind schedule. Can I extend my booking?

Yes! An overtime fee will be charged once you exceed the contract time by over 15 minutes, and payment for this additional fee will be due 14 days after the wedding date without need for further demand.

Our ceremony is from 2PM to 3PM and our reception will not start till 6PM. We would like to book a 6-hour package. Do you allow splitting the 6 hours? For example, we'll ask you to film us from 2PM-3PM and then just come back for reception from 6PM to 10PM?

Unfortunately, we do not offer split time bookings. Our packages come in block or continuous hours, that would usually include following you on location shoots and capturing some behind-the-scenes.

Can I choose the song for my wedding highlights video?

There're no hard rule on this, but we highly recommend that you leave this up to us. By the time that you've booked us, you've probably gone through our portfolio a couple of times and by now you already have a better feel of the genre, type of music we use.

We only use licensed music. Music selection is normally done after the occasion based on the vibe of the wedding. It's a bit difficult to explain the process but just trust us, we know what we're doing.

My friend offered to film our wedding with his camcorder and GoPro, can we pay you to edit the videos?

Unfortunately, no.

Can you go around each table during reception and ask our guests to say a short video message?

No. No. No.

We made our personal vows and we want to capture that. Is this possible?

We have a wireless lapel mic system that we can attach on the groom's suit, tie or what not; it's good enough to capture even the bride's voice.

Are the raw footage included in the package?

No, however, we offer this at an additional cost.

What do you mean by raw unedited footage?

Its the footage that comes straight from the camera. Its not a straight continuous video clip. It can be a little shaky, pale, too bright, too dark... Depending on the scenario. We select clips that will be used for the highlights video and these are all fixed, balanced or stabilised during post-production (video editing).

In other words, it's not something you would want to watch as a standalone video, it's merely there for archiving purposes and probably something you can use on your 10th year or so wedding anniversary.

There are some inclusions in the package that we don't want, can I replace it with something else?

Replace? Sadly, no. Remove? It's up to you, but the price will still be the same. Add? Yes, we can talk about that.

If you're not happy with any of the packages we offer, we can always customise one for you based on our standard rates. But take note that the wedding video packages were specifically designed to give you the best value for our services.

Can we do a pencil-booking of our preferred wedding date?

We can take note of your preferred date, but there will be no guarantees that it will still be available when you get back to us. Bookings and requested dates will only be confirmed upon receipt of both initial deposit and signed service agreement. In the absence of the contract, even if deposit has been made, the requested date will be open for other enquiries.

When do we get our video?

We will deliver the wedding highlights video in 30-45 days.

Do you also provide photography services?

No, but we have a list of awesome photographers we highly recommend.

My dad loves to take videos on his camcorder to make home videos, would this be a problem?

No, but it can be. We also need your help in order for us to do our jobs well. Family and guests can film on their own but we would appreciate it if they will not be in the way of our shots. It would be great if your emcee can include that in the housekeeping announcement or something. Otherwise, we will have to ask guests to move away if they are in the shot.

My dad wants this and that for the video and my mum also added that she didn't want this and that. Can you edit the video in that way?

By the time you have gotten in touch with us, we would assume that you have watched a couple of our videos --- and liked them. That said, we hope you understand that we need the creative freedom in working on your video to make sure that results turn out to be awesome, as that's what you are paying for. Nevertheless, we are always open to suggestions and will consider.

Can you attend our rehearsal?

We would love to but it will have to depend on timing. If it falls on a weekday any time before 6pm, most likely we can't. As long as you give us a clear direction or well-planned schedule of activities, we should be alright.

Do we need to feed you?

Not really... But we hope so! Just imagine how food will bring our work a notch higher (By the way, Jordan is vegetarian.)

We changed our minds and we don't need a videographer anymore. Can I get a refund?

As stated in the service agreement, the 50% deposit is non-refundable. Whatever you have paid beyond the 50% will be refunded to you.

Why are your packages very expensive? Are the rates negotiable?

Are you serious?

Can you film other things aside from wedding?

Although we specialise in weddings, we also take in bookings for other projects such as engagement videos, Christening, birthdays, corporate videos, etc.

We're pretty relaxed and I don't think I'm a Bridezilla, right?

If you are starting to see tell-tail signs and symptoms of a Bridezilla (or Groomzilla), it's either you loosen up or don't book us. We are relaxed to work with, particularly on the BIG day. But this also means that we need to know all the important details of your wedding days or months ahead so that we can avoid hurdles on your wedding day. Your wedding is one of the most important milestone in your lives - so relax and enjoy. We are here to capture these life-changing moments as they happen naturally on your special day.

We would like to go ahead and book Say Hello to Forever, what's the next step?

Once you say YES, we will get some information from you and send you a service agreement. We will also require a non-refundable 50% deposit to secure the date. Signed service agreement + paid initial deposit = confirmed booking. Bookings and requested dates will only be confirmed upon receipt of both initial deposit and signed service agreement. In the absence of the contract, even if deposit has been made, the requested date will be open for other enquiries.

OMG this is amazing! I can't stop watching our video. Nana loves it too! How can we thank you for this?

The fact that we made you laugh, smile or cry watching your wedding video is more than enough. But of course a good review will be greatly appreciated. It does not only apply to the groom, but to our business as well that "happy wife, happy life".

Can you film our 25th silver anniversary?

Of course yes, if we're still in the business. But please be advised that my rates would be at least 20x higher by then.

Hmmm, I'm running out of questions at this moment. Can I contact you if I think of something?

Yes. Feel free to email us at hello@sayhellotoforever.com.au.

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